KAYNUS Mats For your Sukkah Roof.

For decades, we at Sukkah Shalom are selling Kaynes S'chach over the streets of New York City and throughout Jewish neighborhoods in the Tri-State area. we are known to have top quality S'chach that is Practical, Convienent and very Low Priced.

What is
Sukkah Roof S'chach

S'chach (סכך) is the Hebrew name for the material used as a rooftop for a sukkah, used on the Jewish occasion of Sukkot.

From what should
Sukkah Roof S'chach Derive

S'chach needs to come from things that have "grown from the ground", as palm leaves, bamboo sticks and pine tree limbs. A few sorts of wooden supports and different sorts of natural material can be used for s'chach, unless they were handled for an alternate utilize.

How to apply
Sukkah Roof S'chach

The s'chach must be disconnected from the ground, for instance, setting a sukkah under the branches of a tree would render it not substantial.

How thick should the
Sukkah Roof S'chach be

As a base, the s'chach must be sufficiently thick that it gives more shade than light in the sukkah. As a most extreme, there is an idea of having the capacity to optically perceive the stars through the s'chach, however unquestionably the greatest is that rain ought to have the capacity to puncture into the sukkah.

When to apply
Sukkah Roof S'chach

In the event that the sukkah is kept year round, you should supersede the s'chach close to 30 days in advance of Sukkos. It is not imperative to completely digest the s'chach; it is sufficient to raise each bit of s'chach up one foot or more into the air, and afterward set it back down